Japanese Cultural Heritage Ochiairo Murakami

Situated in "Amagi Yugashima Onsen" in a tranquil yet traditional and authentic hot spring retreat & resort spot in Izu, Ochairou Murakami has its own long history of more than 150 years to serve Japanese affluent elite guests with its uninterrupted traditional service standards and quality.

The well preserved traditional architectural structure of its facilities as a whole is the priceless historical value in Japan and all rooms has been accredited as a national cultural heritage.

(Parking)free parking
(Check In/Out)In: 15:00~18:00/Out: 10:00
(Pickup Service)
paid service /need reservation Between (Narita,Haneda,Mt.Fuji Shizuoka)Airport and Ochiairo Murakami or between Tokaido Shinkansen Mishima Station and Ochiairo Murakami
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